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Texas is a wonderful place!  My family arrived in Texas in the 1830’s, and having been born here seven generations later, I have never wanted to live anywhere else.  I’m Patti Parrish, and I have been painting Texas for . . . well, a long time.

People often think of Texas in different ways.  It's a place of cowboys, horses and cattle, blistering heat, rattlesnakes, NASA, cotton, Neiman Marcus, wheeler dealer businessmen, prairies, desert, mountains, oil and gas, the Gulf Coast, blue northers and tornadoes.  The fact is, Texas is all of that and more.  She is a very distinctive state, rich in history and diverse in her beauty, economy and people.

Texas offers endless opportunities to record her character with a paintbrush.  I enjoy painting the state I love, her people, animals, countryside.  Because I grew up in a ranching family many things I paint involve cowboys and animals.

Welcome to Texas!

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